Friday, July 29th, 2016

The best selling children’s digital camera comes in Pink for the girls, featuring the same spec as the Blue Children’s Digital Camera. It has a 2 MP resolution, 2 x Digital Zoom, 256 MB of internal storage (taking up to 500 photos), SD card slot for extra memory and built in flash. It can take [...]

Vtech have launched a brand new Childrens Digital Camera with a difference – this is a Kids Video Camera which records videos AND can take photos as well so your child can have the best of both worlds! It features a 1.8 inch colour TFT screen, 256 MB internal memory (although you can add extra [...]

Vtech have joined up with Toy Story 3 to create this really cool looking childrens digital camera. Essentially it is the same as the Vtech Kidizoom Plus camera however it allows your kids to have fun editing their photos and adding in their favourite Toy Story characters such as Buzz and Woody. It also allows [...]

Out of all the childrens digital camera the Lego one has the highest megapixels per image. It is a 3 Megapixel childrens digital camera compared to 2 MP with the Vtech Kidizoom and 1.3 MP with the Fisher Price Tough Kids Camera. Thus it produces better quality images and while this wont be important to [...]

This Fisher Price Tough Childrens Digital Camera is great for young children and pre school toddlers. It is very robust so can withstand heavy damage when your young child will, inevitably, drop it! It is easy to use with simple buttons and a dual handle grip, it even has a 1.5 inch colour LCD screen [...]

The Vtech Kidizoom Plus digital camera for children is one of the best kids cameras you can buy! The picture quality is great and its so easy to use, its very robust and hard wearing – it has obviously been designed for young children and toddlers so if it gets dropped the outer hard casing [...]